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Follow our clues to find the answer to 3 questions. Successfully complete the challenge and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card. You'll also immediately receive a 30% off Wiley books discount coupon (redeemable online at www.wiley.com and at booth #408 in the ACC exhibit hall) and a free trial subscription to 10 cardiology journals.

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Also be sure to check out The Dr Lounge for free apps, a recap of the day’s events from ACC, and other news along with The Research Lab for free articles from 10 Wiley Cardiology journals.

Feel Your Heart Race. Accept the Challenge.

Wiley Cardiology invites you to take part in our “Offbeat Challenge”, the first online scavenger hunt played simultaneously at the American College of Cardiology (ACC) conference March 8-11 in San Francisco AND online all over the world.